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Modern History Research Unit, University of Oxford

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Prosopon has been published in newsletter format by the Unit of Prosopographical Research since 1994. With the foundation of the Prosopography Centre at the Modern History Research Unit Prosopon has transformed into bi-annual scholarly Journal.

The purpose of Prosopon is to disseminate information about current research into subjects relevant to mediaeval prosopography. As such its contents include: descriptions of major ongoing research projects concerned with any aspect of prosopography; short notices of forthcoming publications (editions of primary sources as well as secondary works) of a prosopographical interest; a forum for contact between scholars whose research has a prosopographical element. Contributions with prosopographical implications concerned with the auxiliary disciplines such as onomastics, genealogy, biography, and computing are also welcome. Further information available at Prosopon’s website: http://users.ox.ac.uk/~prosop/prosopon/prosopon.htm


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The compilers were Dr Katharine S. B. Keats-Rohan with the assistance of Dr Olga Borymchuk and Jacquelyn Fernholz.