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The three papers available as in pdf format on this page form a basic guide to prosopography. They are available here for general reference, and to be used in conjunction with the Tutorial. They form part of Prosopography Approaches and Applications A Handbook, edited by K.S.B. Keats-Rohan, Prosopographica et Genealogica 13 (Oxford, 2007) (available from the publisher, Occasional Publications UPR). The full contents are:

Chameleon or Chimera? Understanding Prosopography , K.S.B. Keats-Rohan


Part I Prosopography overview

1: The Nature of Prosopography
1. A Short Manual to the Art of Prosopography , Koenraad Verboven - Myriam Carlier - Jan Dumolyn

2: Origins of Prosopography
2. Prosopography Modern and Ancient , T. D. Barnes, 3. Prosopography and Roman History , T. D. Barnes

3: Planning a Prosopography: Possibilities and Problems
4. Where are all the PDBs?: The Creation of Prosopographical Databases for the Ancient and Medieval Worlds, Ralph W. Mathisen 5. A Whiter Shade of Pale : Issues and Opportunities in Prosopography , Dion C. Smythe 6. Biography, Identity and Names, K. S. B. Keats-Rohan 7. Should one include unnamed people in a prosopography? , David E. Pelteret 8. The Prosopography of Anglo-Saxon England:Facts and Factoids , Francesca Tinti 9. Towards A Mixed Method Social History: combining quantitative and qualitative methods in the study of collective biography , Gidon Cohen, Andrew Flinn and Kevin Morgan

4: Prosopographical and Allied Projects
10. The Prosopographia Imperii Romani (PIR) and New Trends and Projects in Roman Prosopography , Marietta Horster 11. Who is Who in the Prosopographie der mittelbyzantinischen Zeit? Problems of Identification in the Middle Byzantine Period , Claudia Ludwig, 12. The Prosopography of the Prague University of Laws, Bořek Neškudla 13. Counting the Clergy: the CCEd and the Limitations of a Prosopographical Tool , Arthur Burns, Kenneth Fincham, and Stephen Taylor 14. The Repertory of Office-holders and Public Servants in the Netherlands 1428-1861. A non-prosopographic database with prosopographic potential, Ronald Sluijter

Part II Employing the Prosopographical Method: Case Studies

A. Greece and Rome
15. The Sociology of Athenian Democracy: A Prosopographical approach, Claire Taylor 16. Network Analysis and Greco-Roman Prosopography, Shawn Graham and Giovanni Ruffini

B. European Middle Ages
17. Prosopography and Onomastics: the Case of the Goths, Luis A. Garcia Moreno 18. Population Selection: English Landholders in Ireland and their Attorneys, c.1270-c.1360, Beth Hartland

C. Indigenous Peoples
19. Prosopographical Approaches in Canadian Native History, Heather Devine

D. Islam
20. Arabic Islamic Prosopography: The Tabaqat Genre, R. Kevin Jaques 21. Prosopography and the Reconstruction of Hijazi History for the Early Islamic Period: The Case of the Awfid Family, Asad Ahmed 22. To Basmalah or not to Basmalah: Geography and Isnad in Early Islamic Legal Traditions , Najam Haider

E. Modern Western Europe
23. Enjoyned by the Laws of this Assembly: The Elizabethan Society of Antiquaries and the Prosopographical Approach, Michael Stuckey 24. Prosopography and the Providence Island Company: The Nature of Puritan Opposition in 1630s England, Jared Van Duinen 25. The Crown's Judges - The Judicial Profession in Ancien Regime Portugal, 1700-1709 , Nuno Camarinhas 26. George Stephenson and Nineteenth-Century Engineering Networks, Carolyn Dougherty 27. French Composers between the Franco-Prussian (1870-1) and the Japanese-Russian (1904-5) Wars: A Prosopographical Study, Karlijn Deene 28. Literary Strategy during Flanders's Golden Decades (1880-1914): Combining Social Network Analysis And Prosopography , Christophe Verbruggen


©University of Oxford

The compilers were Dr Katharine S. B. Keats-Rohan with the assistance of Dr Olga Borymchuk and Jacquelyn Fernholz.